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Artist Name:
Elizabeth Mcdonald
Universe Tree: Yggdrasil, Moirai and Arachne
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Universe Tree: Yggdrasil, Moirai and Arachne

I have woven three myths together in this work. Yggdrasil in Norse cosmology is the sacred tree which is the centre of existence of the universe. Trees depict both a microcosm and macrocosm of our world. The spiders web represents the thread of life, death and destiny combining both the Moirai and Arachne. The thread of life itself was spun by the Moirai, the three fates who control destiny. The act of weaving utilises the importance of storytelling. Arachne, the weaver was punished for challenging a goddess and transformed in a spider, forever to be a skilfull weaver. Arachne represents a talented woman who judged and overcame tradition to discover what lies beyond. The story is an allegory for censorship between art and tyrannical power.

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