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Artist Name:
Aksara Harriram
Surreal Estate: Debris of the Past
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Surreal Estate: Debris of the Past

Less is more doesn’t exist in my world. I choose to overdo; more is more and that is okay.

It is never a where’s Wally moment but a what can I see moment? A what do I want to see moment? What story is emerging in this moment as even then on a different day that story changes. Does it not?

With the very few moments we can manage to focus on, we want to see something that grips us and even then, this pull must be what draws us into the storytelling. Is there a sinister plot? Is there more than just a whimsical approach to what we see? It is bright and vibrant to be sure, but does that speak of beauty or happiness? Beauty in this sense is of an unpolished circumstance, in which acts of destruction create for outrageous situations.

A little bit of whimsy and colour never hurt anyone.

We can stop to immerse ourselves into something that we can relate to. My work doesn’t paint one picture. It speaks to each individual as if writing their stories. We can see many stories and plot twists when looking at this piece. It may be personal, it may be something that moves us, it may be something that persuades us into a different way of thinking, it is a conversation between the viewer and the work itself. It is only enticing to those that choose to open their minds to the exploration of self.

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