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Artist Name:
Jessica Gilbert
Kirchner, Matisse, Drinkwater, Gilbert
(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)
Kirchner, Matisse, Drinkwater, Gilbert

I felt like I had to make this piece. The photo was taken on James’ last visit to my studio by Leah Fawthrop, and I’ve had countless comments about it. I think our poses are dynamic and we look like a team. I usually paint moments that feel significant in my life, and this is definitely one of them. I wanted to capture something to memorialize the mentorship program and all I’ve gained from James. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone style wise, and took inspiration from Kirchner, Matisse, and my mentor himself. From James’ advice, I have really started to loosen up with style and colour and felt Kirchner and Matisse were a good way to explore with, particularly to do with portraits and interiors. I also looked to James’ use of mark-making and texture, which I think has given the work a lot of energy. I fought against my urge to add detail to everything, particularly the faces, which has taught me in a way to be more succinct and figure out what is necessary and not.

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