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Artist Name:
Jessica Gilbert
Fur Greggy (Father's Day)
(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)
Fur Greggy (Father's Day)

This work is from a photograph of my parents on Father’s Day last year. We had all had quite a few wines, sitting in my childhood dining room, and my Mum decided to try to remember how to play the piano. She always starts with Fur Elise. My Dad sitting and watching, just loving her. It just struck me as a really sweet moment between two people that have been together for close to fifty years. They’ve been in that house for over forty years, and everything is instantly recognisable to me, and to our family and friends who have all spent time there over the last four decades. I fought against my instinct to add more detail and left the strong shapes and suggestion. I love how the ochre and blue work together.

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