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Artist Name:
Bernadette Heald and Joerg Lehmann
Emerging 1
(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)
Emerging 1

This small body of work has been created by the combined efforts of Joerg Lehmann and Bernadette Heald, showcasing the alternate avenues life can take us when viewing our surroundings with an open mindset. Lehmann's emotive work 'Dancers in the Library of a Small Town Law Firm' challenges social conventions of masculine identity by celebrating the female form in a traditionally male domain. While Heald's image Elemental is an earthen visual representation of the everyday characters in our natural urban landscape that defy the current stereotypes of symmetrical perfection. Emerging evolved fromt he artist's exploration of line and form, while underpinning the ideology that nature will always challenge the social status quo regardless of composition and human perception. Merging the elements of both photographs came easily to Lehmann and Heald while experimenting with the alternative photography method of Van Dyke Brown. Originally created on watercolour paper and then digitally enhanced and reproduced as Silver Halide print, both versions provide an interesting contrast between the different types of printing methods used by photographers. All images in this series invite the viewer to connect with Lehmann and Heald's common ethos of finding beauty in being perfectly imperfect, while simultaneously celebrating the unconventional social norms in relation to storytelling.

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