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Artist Name:
Agnes Katrin Bruck
About the artwork:

I was at a crossroads in my artistic practice.
I wanted to instil more meaning into my art by spending more time immersed in and painting the natural world and the things that matter to me.
Ellie set up the Merriwa gallery as a not for profit enterprise and describes it as “a celebration of creativity”. She is a mentor to the local community that includes indigenous artists and teenagers.
Whilst I painted locals dropped by to chat.
I wanted to instil this painting with her quiet resolve.

(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)

105 x 75


Oil paint, rust solution ,acrylic and charcoal on 600gsm Arches paper

About the artist:

My great, great, great grandparents and were at Jerrys Plains and Broke.
My grandfather was the GP in Singleton in the 1930s. I live part time in Scone and showing my landscapes in Merriwa in December

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