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Dane Tobias


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My artworks provide the viewer with artistic depictions of the man-made suburban environment through the use of a vibrant and expansive colour field and my highly intuitive eye for detail.

I am influenced by the way that interior spaces are depicted in home decorating magazines as a fashionable and glamorous way of life, even though many people cannot get their interiors to look as good as they do in them, and in doing so can err on the side of bad taste. The iconic exteriors of residential properties give clues by the way of colour and architectural features as to what may be seen behind the front door.

It is evident that such fashionable and iconic interiors and exteriors in home decorating magazines are designed to attract the reader’s attention. The viewer can be seduced by the beauty of the imagery. In my works I use these images by playing around with the placement of objects and their colour schemes to manipulate the viewer. I have often noticed that home decorating magazines use pleasing and often light-humoured captions and headlines to seduce their readers.

I am also influenced by the uniqueness and individuality of suburban residential architecture, particularly by the vast variety of housing styles, patterns and details. I have faithfully recorded these patterns and details via en plein air drawing and photography. I also use other means including Google Street View and real estate guides, both printed and online.

In 2018 I was the first artist-in-residence at Newcastle Art Space and I now have my own studio. My studio practice has developed as a result of having a stable workspace. My artistic process has included making detailed drawings of suburban interiors and exteriors, swimming pools, cruise ship interiors, shopping centres and cafes. I have also become interested in the inclusion of the classical figure in my works. My artistic process includes drawing, collage, tracing of human figures and detailed drawings and watercolours of man-made environments.

My use of vibrant colours in my artworks reflects the influence of artists including Howard Arkley, David Hockney, Patrick Caulfield and local artist and long-time mentor Peter Lankas.

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