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An exhibition of work created through the Newcastle Art Space Mentorship Program 2022-2023

1 - 21 July 2023

TILT disrupts.

TILT is a reverberation.

TILT transforms.

The NAS mentorship program invites artists to connect, exchange and engage. To support and progress and to meet collegially to foster arts side by side. When ideas bounce and ricochet between two individuals, what new direction might transpire?

We encourage all artists in this program to make an atomic shift rather than a seismic one. TILT celebrates the artists of our region, emerging and established, and encourages new collaborations and different directions.

32 artists and 2 curators over 9 months culminating in 1 exhibition, publication and launch party; whilst this is the didactics of the Mentorship program to quantify it is far more elusive than that: it has been a dialogue with a dynamic creative, an opportunity for experimentation and immeasurably expansive. 

With this opportunity, Newcastle Art Space positions itself as a centre for emerging artists in the Hunter Region, a place where risks, experimentation and collaboration are actively encouraged. 

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