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NAS Atelier

NAS Atelier kicks off our 2024 exhibition program and is a celebration of the studio of artists that is Newcastle Art Space (NAS).

23 February - 10 March 2024

Join us in celebrating the launch of NAS Atelier on Saturday 24 February from 4-6pm, featuring Michael Bateman, Virginia Cuppaidge, Jo Dyer, Nick Fintan, Jacquie Garcia, Richard Kearney, Frances Johnston, Joerg Lehmann, Jaymie Maley, Anne Marie Murland, Dan Nelson, Marilyn O'Brien, Sara Prince, James Rhodes, Jackie Smallcombe, Caroline Traill, Paula Thistleton, Dane Tobias and Tom Lambie.

For this first exhibition of 2024 we present the dedicated individuals and creatives working in and associated with Newcastle’s longest standing community arts organisation, Newcastle Art Space (NAS).  NAS Atelier includes work by studio artists who with 24-hour access to the art space, engage in a continuous creative process. The show sheds light on the quiet toil and dedication of those behind the studio walls as well as those working alongside. 

This exhibition celebrates the longstanding legacy of NAS, its rich history and promising future, highlighting the collaborative spirit and collective talent that defines our artistic community.


EXHIBITION DATES 23 Feb – 10 Mar 2024



Michael Bateman

Virginia Cuppaidge

Jo Dyer

Nick Fintan

Jacquie Garcia

Richard Kearney

Frances Johnston

Joerg Lehmann

Jaymie Maley

Anne Marie Murland

Dan Nelson

Marilyn O'Brien

Sara Prince

James Rhodes

Jackie Smallcombe

Caroline Traill

Paula Thistleton

Dane Tobias

Tom Lambie

The exhibition launch will be held Saturday 24 Feb 4-6pm Newcastle Art Space  

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