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Jen Denzin - Alpha + Omega

An immersive installation occupying the entirety of the Newcastle Art Space

2 May - 26 May 2024

Jen Denzin's Alpha + Omega is an immersive installation whose impetus was the upcoming nuptials of local arts industry celebrities Zana Kobayashi (Audience Lead Newcastle Art Gallery) and Patrick Mavety (Artist- currently showing at Straitjacket). They invited Denzin to transform the space for their wedding having seen her work Argo Pacifico at The Lock Up in 2018.

The artist takes inspiration from the 11th century abbess and polymath Hildegard von Bingen particularly her cosmic egg, which is a representation of the origin of things and a vision of eternity. It sits alongside a crashed meteor and blinking disco party pickles, Denzin brings humour and conceptual rigour to her creations made from materials as humble as cable ties and tinsel. She is influenced by filmmaker Yasujirō Ozu, the late Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen to the 70km of catacombs under Rome where, she describes, bones encrusted with jewels, as a representation of divinity.  Each element of the exhibition is an integral part of the whole. Denzin's aesthetic is determinedly maximalist with the adage 'if in doubt add more colour'. She explores faith, philosophy, life, death, eternity, the sacred and the profane to pop culture through her elaborate installations which are genuinely NOT TO BE MISSED! 

Disco Party Launch: Friday 10th May 6pm - 8pm

(dress code: Disco Space Cadet)

EXHIBITION DATES 2-26 MAY 2024 Open to view Thurs-Fri 10-2 | Sat -Sun 12-4

+Closing Event: 5pm - 7pm Wedneday 22nd May 2024


1.      Disco Cucumber (or Party Pickle!) Gateway [2024]

2.      Yay! Space!  [2024] mixed media chandelier

3.      Space Ship Fuselage panels (4 of 12) hand cut DVDs, glitter, DVD cases, MDF, rescue blanket, mirrors, cable ties

4.      Palm Tree Cloisters [2024] drink supplement tins, glitter, clothesline, foam board rescue blanket leaves

5.     (at top of ramp on right) Stardust in Our Hair: Crashed Meteor Site [2024] unrecyclable material, plaster, glitter, christmas baubles, paint, fiberglass, resin.

6.      Footy Sock Mandala: The Rodd Bilton Flood Mitigation Scheme Portal Footy socks, sand, cable ties

7.      Electric Kimono wedding kimono, tomato stakes, electrical tape, foam board, paper lanterns, postal envelopes, plastic contact and plastic pearls, coat hanger and stocking forms by Jodie Duddington.

8.     (at top of ramp on left) Strawberry Feather Star [2023] mixed media chandelier

9.      Hildegarde’s Cosmic Egg [2021] tarp, cardboard, fabric, sequins, air-dry clay, Femo, tassels, plastic platter, ceramic flowers

10.  Under the Moonlight, This Serious Moonlight Pat Mavety I Jen Denzin [2024] Pat Mavety painting, insulation panel, plastic contact, drinking straws, plastic raffia, mirrors, cable ties, tape, rescue blanket, tinsel, sequins, fabric

11.  Galactic Disco Gazebo cable ties, silver tape, rescue blanket, silver stars, disco balls, plastic bowls

12.  Catacombs: Enclosure of a Friend [2024] polystyrene furniture packaging, tissue paper, paint, glitter, airdry clay, plaster, plastic contact, wire, tape, plastic bones, stick on jewels, glitter, glue, drinking straws, foam core, cardboard, corflute, found objects.

13.  Space Ship Fuselage panels (8 of 12) and Palm Tree Cloisters 


A special thank you to Andrew Denzin, Caitlin Oakley, Flynn Doran, Haylee Knight, Hide Kobayashi, Karen Wells, Jodie Duddington, Maisie Denzin, Mandy Roden, Mariko-san, Nick Kobayashi, Pat Mavety, Pippa Budge, Rachel Cook, Zana Kobayashi, Zachary Watt, the NAS crew- and to Oliver Harlan, across the seas.

Jen Denzin Alpha and Omega 2024 ROOMSHEET Newcastle art Space
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