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Clouds 3

Now in its third iteration Clouds 3 is a group exhibition of cloud-inspired artworks by emerging and established artists curated by @louisefaulknerphotography

Friday 12th – Sunday 28th July 2024

What an amazing line-up of artists for the third exhibition in the Clouds series curated by Louise Faulkner. This show represents a national group of artists from early career artists to established practitioners.

With over 130 artists exhibiting, the show features work by the late Mazie Karen Turner, a beloved Newcastle based artist and will be opened by celebrated local artist John Morris.

The show also features Euan Macleod who is getting a special mention here because surely this is an example of nominative determinism!

The full line up of artists for Clouds 3 is as follows:

Abi Sparks, Adam Faulkner, Adelaide Worcester, Aksara Harriram, Alanya van de Wiel, Alexandra Tanner, Alita Knaggs, Amy Dynan, Andrew Sutherland, Angus McConnel, Ann Stevenson, Anne Kempton, Anne-Maree Hunter, Annemarie Murland, Arlene Wilson, Arthur Snow, Ash Campbell, Belinda Dorey, Bernadette Trainor, Bridie Watt, Britta Campion, Caroline Traill, Catharine Neilson, Catherine Hickson, Catherine Kavanagh Di Gravio, Charmon Cummins, Chris Byrnes, Clare Felton, Claudia Moore, Daniel Grant, Dan Nelson, Dianna Kellerman, Dominique Ryan, Eddy Lou, Eira Chidgey, Eleanor Hanlon, Elizabeth McDonald, Ella Thomas, Emily Lewer, Emma Nicholson, Emma O'Connell, Erica Izard, Erin Byfield-Huish, Erin Corlette, Erin Haynes, Euan Macleod, Frances Johnston, Freya Vial, Gill Waddell, Harley Kirkwood, Hideaki Kobayashi, Holly Buntman-Ronnenberg, Howard James, Indeah Clark, Indra Deamer, Jacqui Hunstone, Jacquie Garcia, Jaime Pritchard, Janet Haigh, Janet Mackintosh, Janet Clouston, Janice Hanicar, Jaymie Maley, Jen Lamb, Jennifer Little, Jim Griffiths, Joerg Lehmann, John Morris, Julia Jones, Julie Batts, Karen Malmgren, Karen O'Dell, Kate Madigan, Kate Mulheron, Kathryn Taunton, Kimberly Morgan- Cruz, Kimberly Swan, Kris A Smith, Kyra Romina Riesener, Leisa Davis, Lente Oosthuizen, Leslie Duffin, Lidia Edwards, Lisa Ellen Hughes, Lisa Morris-Pate, Louise Faulkner, Louise Fischer, Lyn Herbert, Lyndal Campbell, Madolyn McNaughton, Margot Broug, Martin Ganner, Mazie Karen Turner, Meg Walter, Melanie Norman, Mess Noise, Michael Hannah, Natalie Sherring, Nick Fintan, Nick Howley, Nicola Bolton, Olive Burgess, Paul Foley, Peter Lankas, Perrin Millard, Pete Parslow, Peter Masters, Peter Tilley, Rachel Milne, Rebecca Beardmore, Richard Kearney, Richard Tipping, Rod Pattenden, Ronald Arana Atilano, Ruth McDermott & Ben Baxter,  Sarah Davy, Sarah Hardy, Sarah Jane Box, Sari Sutton, Shani Nottingham, Shelagh Lummis, Simon Weir, Simone Pilla / By Goldie, Stephen Stewart, Sue Vesely, Susanne Porteous, Suzanne Reid, Tate A Luckensmeyer, Tim Georgeson, Tim Nash, & Zorica Purlija.

Room sheet Clouds 3 Artists & Price list
Download PDF • 365KB

Catalogue of Artist Statements:
CLOUDS 3 NEWCASTLE ART SPACE_artist statements July 2024
Download PDF • 265KB


Exhibition Opening: 4pm - 6pm Sat 13 July 2024 Guest Speaker John Morris

Exhibition Duration: Friday 12th – (closed Sat 13th until 4pm) runs until Sunday 28th July 2024

Collection of sold and unsold work: 3pm- 4pm Sun 28 July 2024

10-5pm Wed 31 July, 10-2 Thurs 1 Aug & Fri 2 Aug.

Further information for exhibiting artists: 

Gallery hours Thurs - Fri 10am - 2pm Sat - Sun 12pm - 4pm
(NB. closed Sat 13th July until 4pm for the Clouds 3 launch)

Drinks kindly sponsored by

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