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A Painting Demonstration by Artist Pablo Tapia

You're invited to a free painting demonstration by artist Pablo Tapia "Painting Like Clarice Beckett”

11am - 12pm Thursday 7th Dec 2023

This is a live painting demonstration explaining the main principles and methodology of Clarice Beckett’s artistic process. The Australian Tonal Impressionist movement reached its pinnacle in the first half of the 20th century thanks to its clear concepts, no-frills approach and simple yet powerful method. Great Australian artists, under the guidance of Max Meldrum, embraced the tonal Impressionist principles and system. Painters like Sir William Dargie, Collin Callaghan, William Frater and Clarice Beckett.


Come and enjoy this celebration of one of the most enduring and exclusively Australian painting methods, used by some of our most loved artists. A tradition which is still alive today.


When: 11am - 12pm Thursday 7th December Where: Newcastle Art Space 91 Chinchen Street Islington NSW 2296


To attend please RSVP to:

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