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Announcing our 2022-2023 Mentors and Mentees

We congratulate our amazing cohort of mentees for the current year program and thank our expert independent 'matchmakers' Gillean Shaw and Peter Lankas. 

Madeleine Kelman Snow (Mentor) & Kar Mun Phoon (Mentee)

Jacquie Garcia (Mentor) & Kulka Fahey (Mentee)
Ali Sobel-Read (Mentor) & Elisa Krey (Mentee)

Tom Ireland (Mentor) & Jake Watts (Mentee)
Louisa Magrics (Mentor) & Skye Fordham (Mentee)
Peter Tilley (Mentor) & Laura Bishop (Mentee)

Nicola Bolton (Mentor) & Aksara Harriram (Mentee)

Barb Nanshe (Mentor) & Jana Flint (Mentee)


Michelle Brodie (Mentor) & Bianca Vern-Barnett (Mentee)
James Drinkwater (Mentor) & Jessica Gilbert (Mentee)
Peter Gardiner (Mentor) & Bronte Naylor (Mentee)
Rachel Milne (Mentor) & Kimberly Swan (Mentee)
Nigel Milsom (Mentor) & Robert Carter (Mentee)
Graham Wilson (Mentor) & Elizabeth McDonald (Mentee)

Joerg Lehmann (Mentor) & Bernadette Heald (Mentee)

Chris Clifton (Mentor) & Aidan Gageler (Mentee)
Amanda Donohue (Mentor) & Donna Jorna (Mentee)

What is involved?

Mentees are paired with an established art practitioner for one year. The nature of the mentorship is up to each individual mentor. It is an opportunity for skills, knowledge and experience to be passed from a practising established artist to an emerging artist. The mentee is expected to meet with their mentor once a month and attend get-togethers with the 2022/2023 Mentorship cohort. Mentees are also required to participate in an exhibition, alongside their mentor, showcasing the outcomes of their mentorship, as well as an end-of-program evaluation session. This exhibition will be curated by the Curatorial mentee, supported by their mentor.

Key dates

Mentor + mentee briefing session: Please note - this session has been postponed due to staff absence. A new date will be publicised shortly.

Mentoring commences: from 10 September 2022.

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