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Layer Cake - Chandelier Mobile

About the Workshop

Jen shows how to make a sparkly chandelier out of packaging from ingredients you might use to make a cake, things you might take home from your friend’s party, or pretty much anything laying around after a party or celebration. This craft is inspired by Polish Pajaki (Pah-yonk-ee) which means ‘spider’ and is traditionally made from paper and rye straw.


  • a pair of scissors

  • a pair of wire cutters

  • pinking shears

  • a single hole-punch

  • a philly cream cheese container or something similar (you can make a really, really, big one from a basket or hula hoop!) you can also use any kind of bowl, basket or ring.

  • milk bottle lids-including the white seals (you can also use water bottle lids, any kind of lid).

  • drinking straws- plastic and/or paper

  • flour bag packaging or any other kind of sparkly paper, etc.

  • a $2 sparkly plastic table cloth from Kmart or a Hot Dollar store in the party section. I use reflective packaging too.

  • plastic raffia (available from Hot Dollar- in the tapes/strings/cable)

  • a piece of wire (the 1.57 mm PVC coated wire from Bunnings is best). I have used a pipe cleaner which was a little less rigid but ok to use).

  • I generally use whatever is available to me- so any kind of plastic packaging or colourful paper for the flowery bits.

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