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Ali Sobel-Read

Ali Sobel-Read

Screen printing & Ceramics

In her most recent work, Ali features images of the local Newcastle landmarks she loves and adores and is also in the process of creating an installed tile mural in Hamilton featuring the gorgeous Gregson Park. Her recently published brochure, “Bespoke Ceramics”, offers a range of customised handcrafted branded products featuring images and logos. She is keen to continue exploring the concept of home by creating memories and connections both for her local community as well as internationally.

An American-Australian ceramicist residing in Newcastle, Australia, Ali Sobel-Read draws on her nearly 20 years of experience as a studio artist to explore the concepts of place and home in her artwork, often employing photo silk-screen printing and surface decoration to reflect on her surroundings. Her fascination with exploring landscapes and cityscapes originated in the 1990’s in New York City and has continued ever since as Ali has called many port cities “home”worldwide.


As a placemaker, Ali has completed large-scale commissions for clients on three continents. These projects include tile installations for an American architect, as well as custom dish collections featuring silk-screen printed photographs for Carleton University in Canada and for a Finnish architecture firm. Articles about Ali and her unique work have been published in a range of international and local media including “The Newcastle Herald”, “The New Republic”, “Jetstar Magazine” and “500 Prints on Clay: An Inspiring Collection of Image Transfer Work”.  Her work can be found at her artist collective, Make Space, as well as at the Newcastle Visitor Information Centre. 

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