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Artist Name:
Abbie Thompson
She Flies
About the artwork:

A visual story through the many facets of Bar Beach iconic to Newcastle’s vast coastlines.
Juxtaposing clear ‘windows’ into the abstract layers beneath creates mystery and depth such as in the rock pools and ocean herself.Repetitive mark making and sensual line accentuate the diverse relationship of energy and perception between nature and the built surrounds.Pushing and pulling of line, layer and pattern mimic movement of the ever changing surrounds and tides bringing free perception and life.

(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)

76 x 101 cm


Acrylic, mixed media and sand.

About the artist:

Born in Newcastle, New Lambton in 1991 my childhood has been spent here in the hunter.
Bar Beach especially holds most of these memories as well for most of my family well before I was born here.

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