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Thirty Coats by Pearl Red Moon

12 March - 29 March 2020

Opening launch: Friday 13 March from 6pm

opening words by Anne Kempton (Timeless Textiles). All welcome.

Using only second hand and discarded fabrics the thirty coats in this exhibition are an example of how skill and re-imagining can transform and make valuable resources previously destined for landfill. The garments are within the contemporary art movement of re-constructing art objects from “found” materials and simultaneously follow in the domestic traditions of re-make and make-do. Until recent decades in all cultures around the world textiles were a valuable commodity that were upcycled for multiple uses until threadbare and "worn out". In this show the artist has applied a wide range of technique, drawing from textile traditions such as patchwork, applique and stenciling, to alter the salvaged materials into beautiful and intriguing garments that transcend fast fashion and have the potential to be worn for decades.

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