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Marilyn O'Brien

Print making & Fibre Artist

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Marilyn O’Brien is a printmaker, fibre and mixed media artist and qualified Art Therapist. She has been a studio artist with NAS since July 2020, where she utilises a printing press and incorporates other printmaking, collage, painting and fabric dying techniques to create richly layered two and three dimensional works. Drawing upon an academic background in Textile Science, Fashion Design and Psychology, as well as interests in Buddhism, poetry writing and echo dying, her work is layered with both narrative-driven imagery and process-oriented textures and details.

Marilyn completed a certificate of Professional Art Practice at the Brisbane Institute of Art in 2011, as well as a Master of Mental Health in Art Therapy at the University of Queensland in 2012. She is a Member of ANZATA (Art Therapy Association), the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop, Print Council Australia and Newcastle Art Space. She has exhibited her work in group shows in Brisbane and Newcastle including Echoes of Childhood at Timeless Textiles Gallery and the 40/40 Group Exhibition, a 40-year commemoration at Art Systems Wickham (both in 2019).

“My Art Practice plays a major role in my life and work. It is the way I process and approach life’s challenges and work as an Artist and Art Therapist with myself and the people I serve. I aim to work/play in my studio at NAS three days a week which involves planning a work I have an idea about, choosing media and materials that I love and have an emotional response to and then allowing the work to dictate the next move and direction. Meditation helps to keep me grounded and allows the work to unfold, often with unexpected results. I don’t see my art practice as separate from ‘who I am’, it is integral to living the life and purpose that is true to my aspirations and my intention to inspire myself and others to find their voice and purpose too.”

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