Secrets and Sanity - Megan McCarthy

19 July to 14 August 2019

Opening launch: Friday 19 July 2019 at 6pm. All welcome.

Contemporary western society has led to domestic isolation. In our pursuit for independence and wealth, we have isolated ourselves from the village. 

The works in this exhibition represent a mental state, one of isolation in a domestic world. The combination of lace and crochet, which are traditionally feminine, is contradicted through the use of cement, which is traditionally masculine. 

The works provide a visual image of a mental state.


1 Tiny Dancer, 2019

   Cement fondue and fabric. 30x20cm.

2 M/Other of the year I, 2019. 

   Resin, shellack flakes, timber, plaque. 35cm High x 5cm x 7cm. 

3 Intimate Secrets I, 2019

   Solar plate etching on Rag Paper. 15cm x 20cm.

4 Silenced, 2019

   Cement Fondue & fabric. 80cm x 45cm x 30cm.

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