Samuel Kelly, grew up in this dead end town.

He has been extremely influenced by the Baroque period, harbouring a huge admiration for the dark and emotional imagery, and the way many of the artists like Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Velasquez technique developed as they experienced hardships throughout their lives. He is also influenced greatly by poets and song writers, new and old, that can genuinely articulate their grief and express a thoughts and emotions through music or words.

Sam says, “I create because it is a way to put my feelings and thoughts into images, as well as giving me time through the painting process to process myself, my beliefs and my grief”. 


  1. Samuel Kelly in his NAS Studio.

  2. Untitled.

  3. Hand Painting Final.

  4. Self Portrait 1.

  5. Velasquez Study.

His approach is quite traditional, “I try to do things where I can without sacrificing too much practical time”. Sam wants every part of his paintings to have as much of himself in them possible. He stretches his own linen, sizing it with rabbit skin glue. He makes traditional stack lead white from scratch and grinding the pigment, cleansing oil traditionally and trying to use mostly historical pigments.

Sam’s practice is evolving as he tries to find ways to work efficiently without cutting corners. He never stop striving
to improve.

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