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Artist Name:
Estelle Leishman
About the artwork:

Boundaries is a work that uses hand made watercolour paint derived from an ironbark tree. The dark black tones are achieved through introducing iron sulphate, a compound which reacts with the gallic acid found in the bark. A common issue encountered by foragers in Newcastle is the pressence of heavy metals in our soil- a by product of our industrial past with BHP. Boundaries explores the blurry lines between us, our environment and the impact we have on eachother.

(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)

21 x 29.5cm



About the artist:

I am a Newcastle local pursuing postgraduate studies researching how I can incorporate my local environment into my work. I make my own paints using foraged berries, nuts, bark and minerals.

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