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Artist Name:
Emma Wilks
Driving Home to Greta
About the artwork:

'Driving home to Greta' is an ode to the recent shift of environment I thought I would be struggling with but have found it much easier than expected. Growing up in Lake Macquarie, constantly with the water by my side, the concept of moving to the country was so daunting but it offered something that I had never gotten the pleasure of experiencing in my 23 years, peace and quiet. This work captures the feeling I get when I'm near home, the sun is setting and everything appears to be glowing.

(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)

61.0 cm x 76.2 cm


Acrylic on cotton canvas

About the artist:

I was born and raised in Belmont and Valentine, and have called Lake Macquarie home for the first 23 years of my life. 3 years ago I made the move to The Hunter Valley and now call Greta home.

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