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Artist Name:
anka what
About the artwork:

Everything is random.
I don't plan anything anymore, as I learned not to do so in the past.
My life dictates what I experience daily and my dreams advise me how to perceive reality.
Let's call it a Parallel Universe.
The style of my work changes accordingly.
I like diversity in the media I use as much as in my life.
My choice of techniques is always intuitive.
I call myself a Colourist. However, my next exhibition may be monochromatic.
Or not. Everything is random after all.
My work is very personal and I want it to speak for itself.
I am not a person who likes to stand in front of my image explaining the meaning of it.
Sometimes people approach me and say they noticed something I did not create consciously.
Those are the best moments.
Every image I create represents a page of my life.
It is my version of a personal journal.
I am working mainly in acrylic on canvas and gouache/ink on paper. It may change tomorrow, as everything is random.

(Please note, some image proportions do not match the preview display. Click the image to see the full photograph.)

75 x 60


Acrylic/Pastel/Gold Leaf on Canvas

About the artist:

A few moons ago, I moved from Sydney to Nelson Bay. No long period plans, but I am still here. I can not explain why I am unable to leave. Something about this place ...

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