Michael John Bateman is both a painter and a lawyer.
Both practices require the juggling of time, so necessarily,
he paints outside of business hours. A not uncommon experience for an artist. A founding member of the Seven Painters – a group that has been painting and exhibiting together for 18 years. Michael is also an amateur Art Historian and delights in the galaxy of local artists’ works.

Michael is a great admirer of the works of the late Jeffrey Smart, Ben McLaughlin, Ric Amor, Edward Hopper, Warwick Fuller and the Masters such as J M W Turner, Edouard Manet and Lloyd Rees. He has an affinity for architecture and figures in an architectural landscape and values our lived environment,
“I wish to depict it, to the best of my ability, in a way that reflects its particular beauty; ideally in a way that is not predictable,
but unique”.

For Michael, the Newcastle and Hunter landscape constantly

surprises with its beauty and drama. The beaches, Nobby's,

the working Harbour, the river and the Victorian cityscape have long been celebrated by artists. For him the city is a Southern Bordeaux and its people are also worthy of note - it is not often that you can encounter a wetsuit clad surfer dripping water and carrying a surfboard in city streets, unremarked walking alongside suited office workers. Michael’s concern is to record his impressions of the disappearing aspects of our city
and rural areas.

Because of the constraints of their “day jobs”, his colleagues in the Seven Painters group paint outside work day hours, usually on Tuesday nights and at weekends. The group provides the opportunity for helpful criticism, as the artists fire off each other offering new approaches and techniques.

Michael sketches en plein air with watercolour or pencil
and paints studio works in acrylic. “I find acrylic painting fits with my time frames and is a technique that
rewards exploration.”                                                        


  1. Michael John Bateman

  2. Before being revitalised

  3. Linwood with Supermoon



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