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mary graham

Mixed scarves by Mary Graham
Cotton Voile Scarf x 2 by Mary Graham
Textured Scarf_by Mary Graham
Silk Scarf #1 by Mary Graham
Silk Scarf #2 by Mary Graham

I primarily work with textiles, specialising in the area of natural fibres, natural dyes and eco printing. At present I am building up a body of work that represents my personal philosophy, of being environmentally responsible, avoiding pollutants, recycling natural fabrics, free from polyester and the cycle of disposable fast fashion.

Discovering the natural dye materials that have been used for centuries has been a wonderful journey that I am still on.

The beauty of the natural colours has given me an appreciation of the natural hues along with the natural fibres. Botanical and eco printing is a joyous experience, and with every work there is always a surprise as the materials reveal the patterns and hue, and there is always something new to learn.


  1. Botanical and eco printing

  2. Botanical and eco printing

  3. Botanical and eco printing

  4. Mixed scarves

  5. Cotton Voile Scarf x 2 

  6. Textured Scarf

  7. Silk Scarf #1

  8. Silk Scarf #2

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