marilyn o'brien

Marilyn O'Brien
Play Book
Print on eco dyed cloth
Where Is Home
Shadow print textile
Homage to Women
Dress Artist Book

A deep love of the tenets of Buddhism and past careers in Mental Health, Art Therapy and Fashion Design offer rich resources to explore questions around the human condition. I combine printmaking on paper and textiles and aim to capture the essence and emotional responses to the subject and materials used. 

Life and death, shadow and light are subjects I explore in my work and their relationships are recurring themes.

Remnants of silk, linen, cotton and old laces, mostly white and creams are eco dyed and printed on mixed media giving texture, layers and depth to the work. Many years of collected imagery from my photography, drawings, art work and poetry are exposed on photopolymer plates then printed and displayed in a variety of ‘containers’ artist books, wall hangings, framed and unframed artworks. 


  1. Play Book

  2. Print on eco dyed cloth

  3. Where Is Home 

  4. Shadow print textile

  5. Homage to Women

  6. Dress Artist Book