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Jayde Farrell
Jayde Farrell
Jayde Farrell
Jayde Farrell

Jayde Farrell first picked up a pen at age 4 or 5 after watching his artist father draw and sculpt in their home. His father
spent most nights sitting watching TV, with a blanket and a beer, carving what Jayde thought were the best artworks he
had ever seen.

He mostly copied images from within his Dad’s work until one day, tinkering with a piano, he began to visualize imagery linked to the sounds of the keys. And so began Jayde’s relationship with art inspired by sound.

Jayde’s life story has had a meaningful connection to his art. He joined the army, but a scandal saw him imprisoned for a period of 4 years. During that time he was able to reconnect with his artistic side, reigniting his creative journey. This process enabled him to rise above the constraints that prison can inflict on the human spirit.

“I would describe my work as new, intense, free, and evolving and from that subconscious place that people have been taught to leave behind.”

Jayde now works across a variety of mediums – painting, drawing and mixed media using everything from aerosol, brush, pen, pencil and pastel. Recently a masking method has created a print-like effect, allowing for experimentation with colour. Sketch-booking is an integral part of his practice, with several books in use at all times. He finds inspiration in reflections and shadows, other images and artwork, at a moment’s glance, looking for those in-between moments that provide something not usually seen.

His debut exhibition, "Into the Wild", consisted of work mostly produced during his stay at Long Bay Correctional. It served as a final chapter in that terrible time in his life and it was the first time he shared those paintings with family and friends. It was a brave and meaningful way for Jayde to show them that he was still the person they all loved.

The future is opening up new creative pathways for Jayde as he starts to paint with more resources, expanding into his new studio space here at NAS.