james rhodes

James Rhodes

James Rhodes primarily works within the medium of photography, exploring photographic objects and what materiality means for the photographic practice. Rhodes uses the photographic object to explore the relationship between the the tangible qualities of a photograph and its image.

Rhodes examines the inherent illusion of photography through the photographs materiality. This is achieved through printing on alternative materials to photographic paper and installing the photographic objects in gallery spaces. His work allows the audience to freely interpret it through the use of ambiguous subject matter. Rhodes rarely imposes personal expression and experience into the work, and instead questions the nature of the world around him, perception, memory, and the illusion inherent in photographs.


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"The act of the audience viewing my work is important to its concepts. Photographs are created to be viewed, yet through this action of viewing a photograph the audiences perception of their memory, of themselves, and of the space they are in is altered. This is caused by the inherent illusion in a photograph." - James Rhodes

James Rhodes completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts with First Class Honours in 2015 and is currently completing his PhD in fine art while Lecturing in Photography at The University of Newcastle.

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