Searching within
Inspriation from computerised image
Self Portrait

herrad nann

Herrad Nann migrated from Germany to Australia. She lived in four different countries during the past fourteen years. The cultural diversity that she experienced inspired her artwork to a large extend. Herrad is interested in people as well as environmental issues. In 2019, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Wellington/NZ. During her studies, she discovered the positive impact of art on mental health, which motivated her to commence studies in Art Therapy. 


  1. Abundance

  2. Untitled

  3. Searching Within

  4. Inspiration from computerised image

  5. Self Portrait

Herrad’s work is as diverse as life. It ranges from abstract to figurative. She loves observing people and this passion finds expression in her portraits. She likes to mix media such as photography, oil, acrylics and cyanotype print. In the process, she uses lines, color, paint, and brush to convey her message. Art Therapy is still not very common in Australia. Therefore, one of Herrad’s aims is to raise public awareness of Art Therapy through art. In the past, she took part in several exhibitions such as “Opulence” in Wellington or in “On Her Shoulders” in Newcastle.