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Established in 1983 as the Newcastle Community Arts Centre (NCAC), Newcastle ArtSpace is a vital contributor to the rich cultural life of Newcastle, by facilitating, showcasing and developing creativity across a spectrum of arts activity.


Newcastle Art Space provides affordable art studios, artist-run gallery, professional development opportunities and oversees three art prizes.

In 2019, we established Internship and Mentorship programs to further support the professional arts practice of Newcastle artists.

As a membership-based not-for-profit organisation, our annual report is available in the NAS Governance Section below.

Board Chair Kara Wood    |   Secretary Dan Nelson   |   Treasurer Kara Wood (acting)

   Alessia Sakoff   |  Jackie Smallcombe  |  Eila Vinwynn 

Business Manager  Leah Fawthrop   |   Gallery Manager vacant 


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