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Eleanor has always enjoyed creating. Nurtured with create-able gifts for birthdays and Christmas, she developed a love of making as she grew up. In high school Eleanor studied photography and the technical side of theatre in Entertainment Industry training (2005). School was followed by Graphic Design at TAFE (2006-2007) and, after finding a taste for fabric, a Diploma Applied Fashion Design (2010-2011).


Travelling around New Zealand on a budget and a cramped bus, Eleanor discovered embroidery to keep her fingers busy. She enjoys the odd piece of work and can occasionally be found working on a piece of imagery. Inspiration comes through multiple forms; from objects found on the pavement, and events happening in the world,
to inspiring fabrics, textures and patterns.

Cat Jacket
Jackets Collection
Red Dress

Eleanor says she finds her joy when, in making or altering a garment, “the client tries on the item and I can see the garment in its fullness along with the satisfaction in my client's eyes. It's so great when a client tries their item on and it just looks good. You can't get that kind of satisfaction on a coathanger.”


Not just interested in creating, Eleanor has taken up sewing, and is now designing, pattern making, mending, producing alterations and sewn garments. 


She is starting to teach her skills to budding fashion designers and creators.

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