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BOTH: not one or the other. A proposed interdisciplinary art event for New Annual 2023 responding to the theme: duality. 

Outline and support material

‘BOTH: not one or the other’ is a live art + music event and exhibition to be held at NAS Gallery on the first weekend of the festival, featuring live performances and works by Newcastle/Muloobinba based artists. The project will bring together 6-8 visual and inter-disciplinary artists to create and present work for an exhibition and performances exploring the festival theme of duality. We have selected artists from our alumni and current cohort whose practice embraces opposing forces: INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIC, OLD SCHOOL/NEW TECH, HANDMADE/MANUFACTURED, INDIVIDUAL/COLLABORATIVE, HIGH ART/POP and CULTURE/IDENTITY.


Commissioned artists will be challenged to create or present work that draws on these dualities and their experience of living in Newcastle. In keeping with the festival theme, we plan to be open day and night. On Saturday evening, the NAS Gallery will stay open late to host a ticketed live art and music event featuring Ben Kenning creating a three-hour live immersive painting in the gallery space, along with a live experimental music set by Wanjun Carpenter. 


DOWNLOAD PDF: Support material - artists/imagery



Artist fees $9800

Curator/artistic coordinator $3000

Exhibition install/destall $1200

Event staff $500

Videography/documentation $500


Gallery hire $1000

Marketing campaign $3000

Admin/contracts $1000

TOTAL: $20,000 ($15,000 cash $5,000 in kind)


Ticket sales 300 x $10 = $3000 

Potential return to NAS $3000 + 30% commission on gallery sales

Artists (now all confirmed)

Wanjun Carpenter | @jun_wan
Ben Kenning  |

Brett McMahon |
Annemarie Murland |

Haylee Renee |
James Rhodes |

The Strutt Sisters |


Project team

NAS Gallery Committee with Dan Nelson

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