Collage 555
Colour as Form - Landscape
Drawing with string and ink
Mnemonic Landscape
Nothing is ever just black and white
Once We Were Fishermen l
Once We Were Fishermen lV

As a migrant artist, Annemarie Murland is interested in the cultural and material differences that co-exist between everyday spaces, places, people and things. Finding a visual place to explore, expose and record these ideas is at the core of her studio based art practice and artistic research.

“As a concept, the phenomena of felt experience frames my creative processes that, in itself, provides an interdisciplinary place for painting, drawing and fiber textiles to exist.
An experiential and intuitive, fluid and spontaneous approach to making is combined with abstract ideas and a complete understanding of the role of materiality to create complex
and sensory works of art.”

Born in Glasgow, 1962, Annemarie completed her undergraduate studies at the School of Fine Art, The University

of Newcastle in 2005 and went on, thereafter, to complete her research higher degree in 2009.

Throughout her postgraduate studies, Annemarie taught as a sessional academic in the undergraduate painting and drawing program at UON. Upon completion of her RHD, she continued her role as a lecturer and also undertook postgraduate supervision. Currently, Annemarie is the course coordinator in Visual Art for the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre, Ourimbah and facilitates masterclass workshops in Melbourne and Newcastle.


Annemarie continues to develop her practice-led research interests and intercultural collaborations in the field of Migration and also maintains an independent studio practice.


  1. Collage xxx

  2. Collage 555

  3. Colour as Form - Landscape 2015

  4. Drawing with string and ink and paper towel

  5. Mnemonic Landscape 2015. Acrylic and oil on paper and board, 30x25cm​ 

  6. We Were Fisherman I

  7. We Were Fisherman IV