Alessia Sakoff
The Seen Scene 2
The Seen Scene 1
The Shore
Out of the Woodwork (No2)

alessia sakoff

Alessia Sakoff is an environmental artist based in Newcastle, Australia. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle, she is now represented by Flinders Street Gallery in Sydney. Primarily focusing on works on paper, her recent work has drawn from experiences in both local and international natural environments.

Tensions between representation and abstraction, order and chaos are at play in her landscapes as she highlights the strength and beauty of nature and its relationship with humanity. 

Working outside of the studio space, ideas of the sublime are a constant theme across her paintings as a celebration of the unpredictable and uncontrollable forces of nature.


Featuring in many art prize exhibitions across her career, her recent achievements include winner of the Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize 2018 for the Works on Paper Prize and twice winner of the People’s Choice Award, as well as runner up for the Brenda Clouten Memorial Travelling Scholarship Prize for Young Achievers in Visual Arts.


  1. Entwined. Ink + gouache on paper mounted on recycled materials.

  2. The Seen Scene 2. Gouache on paper

  3. The Seen Scene 1. Ink on paper.

  4. The Shore. Ink + gouache on paper mounted on recycled materials.

  5. Out of the Woodwork (No2). Ink + gouache on paper mounted on recycled materials.